By Alexandra Phanor-Faury

Style DNA: Model,Designer&Humanitarian Liya Kebede

It’s nearly impossible for model, Lemlem sustainable-clothing designer and humanitarian, Liya Kebede to ever look bad. What with that stunning face and model frame, Ethiopian-born Kebede could rock a questionable Jersey Shore-esque velour sweat-suit and still look great. But the chances of catching her dressed liked Snookie are slim to none.

When it comes to style, the mother of two and three-time US Vogue cover girl favors an unfussy look to take her through her busy day. Kebede has said that she is inspired by women who look effortless and that’s just the quality we admire about Kebede’s Style DNA. Whether she’s spotted in jeans and a T-shirt or a statement draped wrap-dress, Kebede comes across casually chic and perfectly nonchalant. We simply love the subtle gamine and tomboyish spirit Kebede emits with her style choices.

We noticed a running menswear theme to her easy red-carpet picks: special pieces from Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang with interesting silhouettes and special details stay in frequent rotation. No over-the-top, stiff-looking gowns for this supermodel. Kebede’s clothes never wear her and she always looks comfortable and confident on the red-carpet.

Her style M.O. exemplifies the understated cool spirit we wish came as naturally to us as it does to Kebede.



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  • Senny

    Liya Kebede is such an amazing girl! You’re right; you can never; literally and figuratively, say she’s looked bad. She is a beautiful girl! Uhwudeshalow Liya!!

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