Lovely and amazing

In October, as part of the Kaleidoscope exhibit at the Ingrao gallery in New York City, Law’s eye-catching homages to the female form made their American debut. Working with high-gloss paint on aluminum, Law creates loving renditions of the body, from the indentations on the small of one model’s back to the subtle roundness of another’s belly.

Rising star Rachel McAdams thinks the spoils of stardom are downright rotten.

Everybody’s eager to please Rachel McAdams. But, frankly, the royal treatment that’s customary for budding starlets gives this Toronto-born actress the creeps. As she says, “The more that’s given to you, the less you have to come up with yourself. And that’s not productive.” As if on cue, there’s a knock at the door. It’s the hotel staff, dropping in for the second time that day to see if McAdams has everything she needs.