By Alexandra Phanor-Faury

Who's That Girl: Michelle Elie

I’ve spotted this immaculately avant-garde striking woman on several style blogs. I’ve often wondered what her story was. Who was she? What did she do? With such an experimental wardrobe and eclectic sense of style, I just knew she had to work in fashion. Thanks to Tamu from AllThePrettyBirds she is no longer a mystery. Her name is Michelle Elie. She is a Haitian-American Garage magazine editor living in Germany with husband Mike Meiré, who is the magazine’s art director. Elie also designs a line of accessories and jewelery: Prim. Tamu has a very informative Q&A with the former model that covers her style, love of art, her obsession with Comme des Garçons and juggling motherhood and being so freaking fabulous. Read more here.







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