By Alexandra Phanor-Faury

Lucy Folk Takes on Fruits With Tropicalismo

Sometimes it takes a visionary to help us alter our perception of things.

In jewelry designer Lucy Folk’s case, it’s all about re-imagining food from edible to wearable ornaments. Her smartly designed and fantastical vision took shape when she was in kindergarten. “I always made macaroni necklaces and hung cherries from my ears. This ignited my desire to combine food and jewelry and to preserve the delicious things we love to eat and make precious jewelry we love to wear,” Folk recently shared with me. The Melbourne designer kicked off her unlikely fusion with her debut collection in 2006 aptly titled NIBBLES. It consisted of popcorn and pretzels, real ones, punched-up in dramatic metal. Finding inspiration for her bold foodie accessories comes naturally to Folk. “It could be a random visit to a spice bazaar or discovering new ingredients upon a Pizza — the possibilities (and potential) are endless when it comes to food,” says Folk, who counts seafood, freshly-picked wild strawberries, Japanese and Italian cuisine as her favorite foods.

For her new collection, TROPICALISMO, the focus was on tropical fruits following a recent trip to Brazil. “There’s no place like Brazil and I immediately knew a collection was emerging in my mind after just a few hours there. The connection between jewels and food was so strong,” explains Folk, who worked with “decadent rose-gold plating, brightly-colored resin and crocheted cotton” to restyle fruity favorites like pineapples, watermelon and orange slices.  The stellar glam charms add a sunny holiday on the beach chic vibe to any look.





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