Who's That Girl: Michelle Elie

I’ve spotted this immaculately avant-garde striking woman on several style blogs. I’ve often wondered what her story was. Who was she? What did she do? With such an experimental wardrobe and eclectic sense of style, I just knew she had to work in fashion. Thanks to Tamu from AllThePrettyBirds she is no longer a mystery. Her name is Michelle Elie.

75 Parisiennes

Much has been said about Parisian women. Chic, sophisticated and natural are some of the descriptions that come to mind when we think of la Parisienne. French photographer Baudouin Winckler, who has worked with Elle, Glamour, L’Oreal and Le Monde, set out to break through the stereotypes and uncover the modern women living in Paris for his book, 75 Parisiennes.

Roman & Williams Interiors

Married designers and architects Robin Stendefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman & Williams are the creative geniuses behind some of New York’s most stunning interiors. The Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room,The Standard Grill, The Dutch and the Ace Hotel are some of the venues where they’ve worked their magic. Blending a vintage and tactile historic flair with a contemporary edge is what these sought-after designers do best.

Zim & Zou Paper Masterpieces

French graphic design team Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann of Zim & Zou create the most intricate sculptures and installations all out of paper and then photograph the amazing results. Doing away with computer composed graphics, the experimental duo focus on tangible craftsmanship through the use of recycled paper. Their beautiful creations have been commissioned by the likes of IBM, The Washington Post and Hermes.

Maki Oh

Nigerian designer Maki Osakwe’s Lagos based label Maki Oh, launched in 2010, is a seamless melange of long-established African and modern Western aesthetics. The streamlined and minimalist silhouettes radiate ethereal elegance thanks to her homeland’s traditional organic hand-dye method called adire ( natural indigo leaves and cassava plant paste) and Osakwe’s use of African prints and materials.

Pretty in Thrift Breaks Down Her Jewelry M.O.

I’ve featured a number of ladies on this blog who love to shop in vintage and thrift stores and have a great eye for picking out some incredible pieces. Theses ladies build stand-out looks that hint to the past but are also decidedly modern in the way in which they are styled and teamed with current pieces.

No Shipping To The US Sucks

I have a funny feeling my friends in Europe are gonna start hating me and soon start dodging my emails and frantic calls, again. This will all be thanks to this place : www.Stories.com, a new store, by H&M, called & Other Stories that recently opened and doesn’t deliver to the US. The last time a store came between me and my overseas pals was back when Topshop did not deliver to the US.

Vita Fede

I’ve been M.I.A. on the blog for a while now. I know, not cool. Between my writing gigs and a much-needed vaca in St. Lucia, I’ve haven’t had much time for blogging. Another loved pastime I’ve been slacking on these days is shopping. I’ve manage to catch up on both today with this post on Vita Fede‘s sharp collection of jewels designed by Cynthia Sakai.