Life, Faith, & Jewelry: Meet Vita Fede Designer Cynthia Sakai

It’s the day before the Billboard Music Awards, and Cynthia Sakai has been hard at work pulling pieces from her wildly popular jewelry line, Vita Fede (life & faith in Italian), to adorn the likes of Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Ke$ha, and Jessica Alba for the big event. “They are such a diverse group of women, but the beauty of Vita Fede is anyone can take our pieces and mix them into their own style,” says Sakai over the phone from her L.A.

Lucy Folk Takes on Fruits With Tropicalismo

Sometimes it takes a visionary to help us alter our perception of things. In jewelry designer Lucy Folk’s case, it’s all about re-imagining food from edible to wearable ornaments. Her smartly designed and fantastical vision took shape when she was in kindergarten. “I always made macaroni necklaces and hung cherries from my ears. This ignited my desire to combine food and jewelry and to preserve the delicious things we love to eat and make precious jewelry we love to wear,” Folk recently shared with me.

Pretty in Thrift Breaks Down Her Jewelry M.O.

I’ve featured a number of ladies on this blog who love to shop in vintage and thrift stores and have a great eye for picking out some incredible pieces. Theses ladies build stand-out looks that hint to the past but are also decidedly modern in the way in which they are styled and teamed with current pieces.

Vita Fede

I’ve been M.I.A. on the blog for a while now. I know, not cool. Between my writing gigs and a much-needed vaca in St. Lucia, I’ve haven’t had much time for blogging. Another loved pastime I’ve been slacking on these days is shopping. I’ve manage to catch up on both today with this post on Vita Fede‘s sharp collection of jewels designed by Cynthia Sakai.

Shimell & Madden Geometric Jewelry

“Occupying the space where science and art intersect” is how Luke and Emma describe their minimalist jewelry line Shimell & Madden.The London-based duo have translated their fascination with geometric shapes and architectural aesthetics into a refreshingly clean collection that’s simultaneously edgy, simple and beautiful. Their latest metal-based collection, The Cuboid Collection, features a three-dimensional cube which the designers point out is a wearable symbol of dimension and proportion.

Trend Spotting: Ear Cuffs

Earrings have never been in or out, but they certainly haven’t been as hot a style topic as they are this season – thanks to designers dreaming up cool new ways to re-invent the wheel. The resurrection of eye-catching earlobe ornaments first kicked off recently with dangling ladylike earrings making a big splash from the runways to the streets. 

COVET: Givenchy Shiny Pale Gold Metal Flat Earrings

Earrings used to be my thing. I’m not sure at what point over the last couple of years I stopped investing any attention to adorning my ear lobs but I do know that these in-your-face Givenchy disk number are bringing earrings back – for me – in a huge way. This new yearning for these updated hoops comes courtesy of this lovely shot of model Ming Xi in Vogue China. 

Redefining The Shape of Jewelry

Jewelry doesn’t get any bolder, stronger and in-your-face than the avant-garde pieces by Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia. The young Italian jewelry designer who studied architecture and home design incorporates her sculptural point of view to her edgy hand-crafted collection. The Rome-based designer works with uncoventional materials like the chemical compound ruthenium black to play with texture and add a stricking lift to her pieces.