Old School Mood Boards

While the popularity of Pinterest continues to rise, my love for pinning on traditional mood boards still reigns supreme. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of digital pinning, but the tactile experience of old school mood boards is an aspect of collecting inspirational images that still gets me excited. And I just love how a creative mood board can look like a magpie piece of art on the wall.

75 Parisiennes

Much has been said about Parisian women. Chic, sophisticated and natural are some of the descriptions that come to mind when we think of la Parisienne. French photographer Baudouin Winckler, who has worked with Elle, Glamour, L’Oreal and Le Monde, set out to break through the stereotypes and uncover the modern women living in Paris for his book, 75 Parisiennes.

Roman & Williams Interiors

Married designers and architects Robin Stendefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman & Williams are the creative geniuses behind some of New York’s most stunning interiors. The Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room,The Standard Grill, The Dutch and the Ace Hotel are some of the venues where they’ve worked their magic. Blending a vintage and tactile historic flair with a contemporary edge is what these sought-after designers do best.

Picnic State of Mind

Escapism is the key word for the day. The freezing cold weather in New York and this stubborn cold that I just can’t seem to shake has got me yearning for sun rays, a day spent lazily lounging by a pool, a warm afternoon nap by the ocean or a summer picnic unencumbered by winter accessories.

Card Lust For Every Occasion

As much as we love the intimate and thoughtful touch of handwritten notes and letters, let’s face it, most of us have been so spoiled by the easy and instant connection social media allows that the mere thought of penning letters and notes can seem like a laborious chore. Felicity Loughrey, Elspeth Tremblay and Sara Hingle, the trio behind the ingenious Card Lust iPhone app, have made sending gorgeous notes as easy as hitting the send button. 

The Smith’s Pastry Chef Shares 5 Creative Gift Ideas For The Cook In Your Life

As the pastry chef at The Smith restaurant in New York, Thea Habjanic knows a thing or two about what gifts will have amateur cooks, experienced chefs and food lovers’ hearts go pitter patter this Christmas. Habjanic took some time out from cooking up some truly savory classic American desserts, like her pineapple upside down almond cake and s’mores in a jar to assemble a list of five unique gift ideas that will satisfy any foodie’s taste buds and keep he or she well-equipped to throw down in the kitchen.

We Force Designer Jesse Kamm To Do A Xmas Wish List

“I am easy around the holidays because the truth is I am a minimalist, and I want for nothing. Or pretty much nothing,” confesses L.A. designer and artist Jesse Kamm. The statuesque former model, who launched her easy, one-of-a-kind and organically produced line back in 2005 to rave reviews from the press and fashion pack, may come across as the easiest person to buy a gift for since her wants are few, but she does admit that her selective taste can be a concern for the gifter.

Garance Dore's Illustrations Go On Sale

Garance Dore‘s wildly popular blog introduced us to her witty and charming point-of-view on fashion and style through her captivating photos, fun collages, engrossing videos and beautiful illustrations. Dore, a modern renaissance women if ever, is now selling off posters and limited-edition prints of her lovely illustrations in her newly opened online boutique. Dore’s simple lined illustrations – all inspired by her fanciful and stylish adventures – are gorgeous pieces of art that start as low as $40.