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No Shipping To The US Sucks

I have a funny feeling my friends in Europe are gonna start hating me and soon start dodging my emails and frantic calls, again. This will all be thanks to this place :, a new store, by H&M, called & Other Stories that recently opened and doesn’t deliver to the US. The last time a store came between me and my overseas pals was back when Topshop did not deliver to the US. I would place orders and have them delivered to friends in Paris and London, and they would then forward said packages on to me in NY.

Back when Susie Bubble wasn’t the famous blogger she is now, she used to volunteer on her blog to do the same for us Yankees desperate to get our hands on some Topshop goodies. I still wear the hell out of these brown platform ankle boots that Susie Bubble sweetly sent over to me. And she did so on time. See my friends were lackadaisical about this mission of getting me and my Topshop orders together. This led to me asking – ok… harassing them – about when orders got to them and just why I haven’t received them yet. I would have probably hated me too, I guess. In any case, once Topshop opened up its shipping to the US of A , all the bad blood between my overseas friends and me disappeared – but not before I apologized for treating them like customer service reps for the store.

I hate to go back to asking them for shipping favors but & Other Stories is forcing me to! The store, which creates a series of edits and stories with their merchandise to make shopping like flipping through a fashion magazine (some of the designers are from ACNE), is killing me and the website only launched two weeks ago. I had already filled my shopping basket with a great drawstring boxy bag, taupe pumps and a boxy double-breasted blazer before I realized they’re only shipping in Europe. I immediately thought to start contacting my friends before flashbacks of our Topshop episode rushed back to me. I stopped myself and took a deep breath before pressing the send button in the midst of my shopping high. This time I’ve decided to take this on with delicate caution and most importantly refrain from playing the role of bitchy shopper.

Here’s a taste of what I’m hoping will be shipped to me. Wish me luck!

By the way, if any of you reading this live in Europe, give me a holla!

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