Old School Mood Boards

While the popularity of Pinterest continues to rise, my love for pinning on traditional mood boards still reigns supreme. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of digital pinning, but the tactile experience of old school mood boards is an aspect of collecting inspirational images that still gets me excited. And I just love how a creative mood board can look like a magpie piece of art on the wall.

75 Parisiennes

Much has been said about Parisian women. Chic, sophisticated and natural are some of the descriptions that come to mind when we think of la Parisienne. French photographer Baudouin Winckler, who has worked with Elle, Glamour, L’Oreal and Le Monde, set out to break through the stereotypes and uncover the modern women living in Paris for his book, 75 Parisiennes.

Office Space

Before moving into my new place I had grandiose visions of how I would decorate my home office. My office space, where I spend most of my time during the day and evening, for that matter, should be comfortable and stylish. It should reflect my personal taste and not be too office-y but still be highly functional.

Black Walls

The unexpected beauty and sophistication of ebony walls will have you going black.