By Alexandra Phanor-Faury

Picnic State of Mind

Escapism is the key word for the day. The freezing cold weather in New York and this stubborn cold that I just can’t seem to shake has got me yearning for sun rays, a day spent lazily lounging by a pool, a warm afternoon nap by the ocean or a summer picnic unencumbered by winter accessories.

I love a good picnic in the park in the spring or summer. I wish I could bottle up that relaxing feeling and fun times that comes with getting a group of  friends together to share in tasty snacks. L.A-based brand, Welcome Companions understands my love of picnics. Designer Laurel Broughton has cleverly created Part-Time Picnic, a sixteen-piece collection of unique accessories inspired by the idea of prolonging a weekend picnic into everyday life. “We take our attitude and palettes from some inspired great picnics like Manet’s startling Le déjeuner sur l’herbe and the flamboyant repast of Wind in the Willows and many, many more,” states Welcome Companions on their website. These inventive clutches, handbags, brooches and scarves will hold you over ’till the next picnic and come in handy when accessorizing your look.


LA SERVIETTE, a collar adornment


PICNIC BASKET, a natural work satchel


PLATES, a scarf


STRAWBERRY, a clutch

image via welcomecompanions

TOAST, a shoulder bag

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