By Alexandra Phanor-Faury

Card Lust For Every Occasion

As much as we love the intimate and thoughtful touch of handwritten notes and letters, let’s face it, most of us have been so spoiled by the easy and instant connection social media allows that the mere thought of penning letters and notes can seem like a laborious chore. Felicity Loughrey, Elspeth Tremblay and Sara Hingle, the trio behind the ingenious Card Lust iPhone app, have made sending gorgeous notes as easy as hitting the send button. The Card Lust app, which cost only $1.99 (the cards are free), lets you choose from a collection of original and artfully designed digital greeting cards that are wayyy  cooler than anything you’ll ever find at your local drug store. Once you pick your fashionable card, customize it with your personal message and then share it with friends and family through your favorite social media channels. While it may not be a handwritten note per se, the distinctive artwork on these eye-catching cards make them just as special.

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