By Alexandra Phanor-Faury

Street Artist: Phlegm

Street artist Phlegm‘s hypnotizing illustration based murals covering buildings in England and featuring his other-worldly comic book characters are one-of-a-kind and huge in scale. His intricate work never ceases to amaze me. The self-described outsider to the art world made a name for himself with his popular comic books, but he loves to reach a broader audience with his street art, and he credits his public work with keeping his art fresh. His work can also be seen in New York, Slovakia, Ireland and Italy. “A painting in the street becomes part of the cities architecture, influenced by what’s around it rather than being some awkward canvas in an art gallery,” says the reclusive Phlegm.

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2 comments to Street Artist: Phlegm

  • Françoise F.

    Excellent reportage
    L’étonnement. L’interrogation . La surprise . La mystification.
    Et finalemant le plaisir devant ces fresques surréalistes , qui abolissent une’architecture sans intéret au profit d’un monde onirique loufoque ou inquiétant.

    Cela m’a rappelé les vestiges du MUR de BERLIN,( THE WALL ) que l’état Allemand avait confié à des artistes pour la figuration de fresques improvisées sur le thème de la Liberté .
    Résultat : 2 kilometres de chef- d’oeuvres poétiques et bouleversants.

    On aimerait voir tous les murs lépreux livrés au Street Art

  • Velma E. Phlegm Watson

    Found Phlegm’s Artistic pictures and they are beautiful. Where are you from? I have done our Phlegm Ancestry Research back to 1580, Ndungo Africa, which is Angola today of the Imbangala Tribe.

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