Ari Seth Cohen’s ‘Advance Style’ Jumps From the Internet to Bookshelves

Photographer Ari Seth Cohen may only be 30 years old, but he has single handedly overturned the hierarchies of street style with his fresh approach and unlikely subjects. You won’t find Cohen chasing after the latest IT blogger or fashion editor—he’d rather document the style adventures of an overlooked segment of our population: the 60 and over crowd.

Street Play: Going Inner City

The influx of Stella McCartney-clad hipsters in Manhattan’s Alphabet City might have appeared, back in the neighborhood’s pre-affluent era in the 80s and 90s, like poorly cast extras on the set of The Warriors. A veritable ghost town, Alphabet City, referred back then as “the wild wild west,” was a place where drug dealers defiantly engaged in public sales, boarded up buildings were converted into crack sanctuaries and echoes of crowing roosters and growling pitbulls were the daily soundtrack.