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All Knitwear

All Knitwear, designed by Annie Larson, allows you to mix crazy kooky prints with the Midas touch of mix masters, like Susie Bubble. Multicolored pastiches of geometric patterns of all shapes and colors converge on knit cardigans, crewneck sweaters, skirts, leggings and hats. While I can’t believe I’m so late getting on the Larson bandwagon, I’m  grateful a lovely friend introduced me to this charming line by gifting me a comfy kaleidoscopic sweater. I’m absolutely hooked!  I want to get my hands on one of her skirts to pair with my new sweater so I can pay homage to one of my fashion heroines from my middle school days, Punky Brewster-minus the bandanna tied around my knee. I’m totally convinced she’d be clad in head-to-toe All Knitwear today topped off with a denim vest and high-top kicks, of course.

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